Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Added "Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen"

I have just added Tracy Bradley's blog titled "Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen".

Tracy describes herself as follows:

I'm a low carb, high fat, gluten and (formerly) dairy free foodie with a passion for dietary lore, history, theory, traditions and study. Changing my diet from whole grain-based and low-fat has, in addition to helping me shed extra poundage, vastly improved my physical and mental health. I believe our current nutritional and dietary information is hopelessly outdated and flawed, and has led many of us, through poor health and obesity, to both fear and loathe food, our bodies and ourselves. And that, like, totally sucks. Damn the man - eat real food!


countfelix said...

what if you dont cook and just eat out all the time.i dont want to engage in a diet that requires me to cook.these low carb diets are ok up to a point but i need bread and pasta also.exercise is not on the menu the fact that i'm 70 years old and live a quiet bachelor life and need to lose 25 pounds, makes me think there is a diet made for me.i need to eat out only for the shared experience with others.i usually dine by myself but it's nice to be surrounded by others in a basic social which plan can fit my needs?any ideas will be gratefully acknowledged.regards,brian.

Daron said...

If it wasn't for your love of bread and pasta, low carb would be great. There are some lowcarb sandwich breads and some so-so pasta imitators.

Eating out low carb in the United States is extremely easy at sit down restaraunts. You might have to ask for a substitue (like instead of a baked potato, can I have a salad, etc.). However, low-carb fast food is much more difficult to come by.

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