Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Online Low Carb Products

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I have been shopping at Netrition.com for about a year now. Without netrition.com, I would be running all over town trying to pick up key low-carb ingredients that are stocked in one local grocery store but not the others. Also, where I live, I don't have to pay any sales tax on my netrition.com purchases. The savings on taxes alone usually covers their low shipping charges.

The following are some hard-to-find low carb products that you can buy through netrition.com:

Carbquik - low carb baking mix similar to bisquik.
Almond Meal - great tasting flour.
Hazelnut Meal - another great tasting flour.
Aloha Nu Coconut Flour - this ingredient has tons of potential but is a bit tricky to work with. I'd like to see more people to experiment with coconut flour.
Flax Meal - flax is all the rage right now.
Vital wheat gluton - I consider this a great alternative to flour. But some people have trouble digesting it properly and others have allergies.
Soy Protein Powder (soy isolate)- Great substitute for flour. Plain has little to no flavor.
Soy Flour - This is simply ground soy beans. It works well as a flour replacement but has a funky soy taste that I consider too overpowering for most recipes.
Xanthan gum - Seems to work good making cookies chewie and not crumbly. Some people use to thicken liquids. I'm still experimenting with this ingredient.
Splenda Quick Pack - one packet = 1 cup of sugar. This form of splenda does not contain fillers and therefore is much lower in carbs than granular splenda.
Da Vinci Syrups - the low carb syrups offer a wide variety of flavors. Online low carbers can't seem to get enough of these.
Carb Counter brownie mix - pretty good low carb brownies.
Cinnamunch - Cinnamon pork rinds. These remind me of Taca Bell's cinnamon twists.
Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup - a little watery but better than no chocolate.
Heinz Ketchup reduced sugar or one carb - "one carb" and "reduced sugar" are different names for the same product.
Baja Bob's Sugar Free Margaritas and other mixers - Now tequila makes her clothes fall off in more ways than one.

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TESS said...

Some products I've tried and like:
almond milk, sugar free. flax z snacks hot cereal, and GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread, this one a staple in my diet. By it self no taste, With a little cream cheese, ham and dill pickles-great.or tuna salad egg salad etc. 16 cal no carbs.

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